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Fishing Cove Elementary School

5th Grade - Mrs. Keefe » 5th Grade - Mrs. Keefe

5th Grade - Mrs. Keefe

Welcome to my class!
Fifth grade promises to be a challenging and exciting year for students. They'll discover and build on their strengths (and shore up areas of weaknesses) as they as they tackle long-term projects, work alongside their peers, take notes and use technology to showcase their learning. We promise we'll include fun, too!
I team with Mrs. Powell, the other fifth grade teacher, for instruction. That means students will get a tiny taste of middle school as they switch between the adjacent classrooms. Fifth graders also have opportunities as student leaders. They deliver morning announcements, apply to the Student Ambassador program, generate excitement for school-wide fundraisers and may choose to play a band or stringed instrument.
 All classroom announcements and homework assignments will be posted in my Google Classroom page or Mrs. Powell's. Students will access these pages each night to check the online homework planner and complete homework that may be posted there. 
Here are a few keys to a successful school year:
  • Be prepared - Charge your Chromebook each night. Always look at the homework assignment planner as you do homework; don't assume you've memorized what you have to do. Eat breakfast each morning!
  • Be optimistic - No one is good at everything. Everyone is good at something. Learning should always be challenging and an opportunity to develop stamina and perseverance. Have a "can-do" attitude!
  • Be yourself - You deserve respect for the unique and positive contributions you can make to your school, your classmates and friends. 



To email me, click on the word "staff" in the box on the left. You'll be directed to my email address. I look forward to teaming with my fifth grade families this year!

A typical week might look like this. Our schedule this year is subject to change:
Monday - Morning Chorus,
Tuesday - Library
Wednesday - Music
Thursday - Band/Strings, PE
Friday - PE
2017-18 Students at the White Bead Ceremony, a culmination of our study of Native Americans.
What should I bring the first week of school? Here's a suggested supply list!